Application process and timelines

I’m now accepting applications for the Techstars Berlin 2021 accelerator. You can apply via F6S until October 11th, 2020. We actually start interviewing teams even before the deadline (as soon as the application is in), so you should apply early. I’ve written a few articles about the Techstars Berlin application process, so be sure to check those out.

A very large number of companies apply to the Techstars Berlin program, and we end up going through an exciting process to narrow down that number to ten companies. We first narrow our list down to 80 companies, and start vetting companies based on the information contained in applications submitted via F6S, and also our knowledge of the market, and the sector your company operates in.

We’ll let you know by October 20th if your application has progressed to the Top 40 round, and at this point I’m requesting feedback from other investors and entrepreneurs, including Techstars’ senior leadership team, to further assess your suitability.

As part of the application process, between October 21st and 29th, you’ll be expected to attend virtual interviews (20-30 minutes each) with at least three or four different members from the Techstars ecosystem.  You’ll be expected to introduce your startup, and allow the interviewer the chance to ask you a series of questions. If you have specific questions for your interviewer, be sure to indicate to them at the start of the interview, just so they’re aware.

We’ll send out offers to the final 10 startups by the second week of November, if not sooner. One or two additional startups may also be offered a place on the wait-list.

My accelerator program itself starts at the end of January, and continues until the end of April. The 2021 accelerator will run virtually, with likely no planned in-person sessions.