What to expect from the Techstars Berlin program

The Techstars Berlin program is a high-performance three-month period. Founders should expect to use the program team and mentors to unlock amazing and intensive growth during the program. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, nor for the unmotivated. It’s a test of endurance and resilience. There’s no time for consistent off-putting of tasks and growth.

That said, Techstars programs are transformative periods for most of the companies who come through. You’ll find yourself becoming more resilient and having a higher endurance than before, plus a transformed understanding of your business. Below are 3 takeaways I believe you’ll be able to demonstrate at the end of the program;

A market validated business idea

From the first couple of weeks, you’ll find yourself speaking to potential customers. Two months in, you’ll have spoken to dozens, if not hundreds, of them. Your product and business will be put through the product/market fit test like it has never been through before. And, you’ll walk away at the end of the program with a lot more confidence that the market wants what you are offering, and for roughly how much.

Confidence in yourself as a leader of your company and team

You’ll be surrounded by people who have been in your shoes – most of them more than once, for the duration of the program. Your fellow cohort members will be endless sources of inspiration, conversation and potentially some of your most influential teachers. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and your skills as a founder and leader, as well as in your team. You’ll learn to trust them and begin to build a water-tight culture that reflects the values you believe in. your company will have been tested in every way possible, and your product will have more market validation.

Drive, motivation and a performance-driven attitude

The pace of the accelerator is something that can only be experienced, not properly explained. You’ll work hard. You’ll learn continually. You’ll be forced to be humble and take responsibility. You’ll move fast. And you’ll deliver. They say it takes on average 66 days to build a habit. Your 3 months will be just a bit longer than that. And it’s up to you to decide what to keep and build into your company culture.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what founders of companies that have been through Techstars accelerators say