Demo day is the culmination of Techstars, usually the last day of our 12-week program. Companies go on a virtual stage to demo their product and explain why they’re a great bet, in under four minutes. There’s a lot of work that goes into the pitch, but you’ll have tons of help along the way to get you there.

Techstars Berlin 2020 Demo Day
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It’s important to remember that Demo Day is an artificial construct, but it serves several purposes. Firstly, it provides a date/period to anchor your targets and milestones. The entire program, which is comprised of the Techstars program team, the Associates, other companies in your cohort, mentors, and alumni, is focused on helping you achieve your goals, and it helps having a deadline that everyone can work toward. Secondly, the pitch . that the founders deliver at Demo Day isn’t just meant for the people in the audience. If you ask any of the alumni from our programs, they’ll tell you that the time spent honing and refining the pitch served them well because it forced them to think about delivering all the important information about their company within a short period of time. These founders came out of Demo Day armed with the ability to deliver a clear and concise pitch with just a minute’s notice, in to having tremendously improved their narrative-building and public-speaking skills.

Techstars Berlin 2019 Demo Day

Techstars Berlin actively recruits exceptional founders, regardless of industry/vertical. 

Demo Day for the 2018 METRO Retail program