Typical week during the program

We describe how you can expect to develop both as a founder and individual. Techstars Berlin is not just about developing your company.

No two weeks are the same during the program. You’ll constantly be moving forward at a pace you’d never thought was possible!

Though the content of each week changes, you’ll go from testing key assumptions about your business one week to professional stage training the next, there are a few things you can expect to stay consistent. A lot of them are about your development as a founder and individual, not only the development of your business. 

You’ll constantly be challenged in what you do and how you do it.  #

Can you remember the last time you spent one full day investing in your own professional development? What if you had the opportunity to do this fully-supported over three months?

During the program, you’ll be presented with ideas, opinions and opportunities that you’d never considered possible, or even maybe even considered at all. These opinions and ideas can help you become a better founder, and navigate tricky situations and tough decisions with more ease. We want to give you the tools to be able to turn these challenging opportunities into positive experiences. You can learn more about how the program is structured, here.

You’ll meet tons of people who can help you grow faster.  #

We recently published an article about the types of people you’ll meet throughout the program. Each of them has dedicated themselves to helping the founders by providing their time, knowledge and expertise. They also happen to be people who can be difficult to get a hold of on a regular basis, but they’ve dedicated extra time just for the founders in the Techstars Berlin Accelerator. Our mentors and dedicated program consultants are here to challenge you in order to help you improve and better.

You’ll be surrounded by inspiring, dedicated people who are on the same journey as you.  #

Being present in the program is something Techstars Berlin Accelerator. founders have found invaluable. The synergies that come from being in the same space as other driven, dedicated individuals cannot be put into words. Whether it’s spontaneous help during a program session, a quick 1-to-1 during down time for some peer-mentoring, or some bonding during a Techstars social, the cohort will become your home away from home.

You’ll continually grow personally and professionally.  #

The Techstars Berlin Accelerator. is a pressure-cooker for everything and everyone it comes into contact with. The high-performance atmosphere will push you to your limits, and give you the security to do try new things while closely supported by experts. Your results will grow like crazy. Your network will multiply exponentially. You’ll potentially look back at the end of three months and wonder how life was before. And you’ll continue to grow moving forward with your solid foundation.

Don’t just take my word for it, hear from founders of startups that have gone through Techstars programs I’ve run:
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